When a structural wall is required, but the 8" profile of a Keystone Compac unit is to large, Verazzo Stoneª is just right with it's 6 inch height, it can be used for structural walls up to 10 feet high. Verazzo Stoneª comes in two styles either single split for traditional retaining use, or double split for free standing and parapet walls, or they can both be used together as they both use Keystone's proven pinned method for unmatched strength. As an alternative double split Verazzo Stoneª can be used in a retaining wall application with every other unit turned to create two unique sizes within the wall face.

Keystone Verazzo Stoneª is easy to install and allows for tight fitting straight walls and with it's tapered sides it also provides for graceful curves and radius walls. Each unit has multiple pin positions which allow either positive, near vertical, or setback options.

Alignment Pins

Alignment Pins

Verazzo Stone's alignment pins provide a shear connector, securely holding Geo-grid reinforcement and aligning units. Two pins are needed for each unit.