Dragun's Landscape Supply offers a diverse selection of quality lighting for your landscape and hardscape including Tread and Riser, Wall Illumination, Column Lighting and Deck Lighting.

Dragun's Landscape Supply offers Integral Lighting products. Integral Lighting products provide innovative solutions to hardscape lighting. Integral Lighting products are engineered, manufactured and supported in the USA.

Integral Lighting products are an efficient and reliable solution and their performance is unrivaled in the industry.

Tread and Riser

Integral Lighting fixtures are designed specifically to fit typical hardscape tread and riser sizes and construction. Our fixtures illuminate steps and stairs, adding safety and security without costly installation techniques.

The first step is deciding where you want to place your lighting. Under the step or Beside the step.

All of our fixtures are rugged, manufactured with heavy-duty, non-corrosive components for years of enjoyment. Each durable fixture is backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty and trusted service and support.

Outdoor Tread and Riser Lighting in Pittsburgh
Wall Illumination lighting in Pittsburgh
Outdoor Wall Illumination lighting in Pittsburgh

Wall Illumination

Allow your hardscape walls to come to life in the evening hours with Integral Lighting. Whether free-form or geometric, any exterior wall design can be enhanced through proper illumination.

Our fixtures fit discreetly into walls and under caps, making them barely noticeable by day. At night, a generous diameter of light is cast upon surrounding surfaces, providing security to your home and adding dramatic visual appeal.

Visit Our line of Integral Lighting Products to find the perfect light for your project. All our Integral Lighting fixtures are handcrafted in the USA.


Column Lighting

Outdoor living areas become more secure and beautiful when illuminated. Lighting columns at entryways and walkways or around pools and decks offers a simple source of safety during the night hours.

Typical top-of-column fixtures have little glare control and often become obtrusive when lit. Integral Lighting products are inherently designed to control glare while creating a soft illumination to enjoy your space day and night. Lighting columns and surrounding surfaces can create strong visual appeal and make an otherwise dark space more inviting.

Outdoor Column Lighting in Pittsburgh
Outdoor Column Lighting in Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh

Deck Lighting

Integral Lighting is the inventor of the “original” hardscape lighting fixture. Our customers expressed a lighting need for the deck industry … a simplistic, functional, easy to install low voltage light. This led to the creation of our Integral deckscape fixtures.