The Rosetta Outcropping Collection features a variety of naturally sculpted outcropping faces, ranging from 2' to 6' widths and 6" to 24" heights.

Rosetta Benefits:

  • Natural appearance
  • Dimensional consistency
  • Interlocking design
  • Significant labor savings
  • Zero waste
  • Fully engineerable
  • Wall designer program
  • Color matching capability
  • Durable wet cast concrete

Rosetta at Deep Creek Lake:

The Deep Creek Lake Natural Resource Management Area and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources have approved the Rosetta Outcropping Retaining Wall System for controlling shoreline erosion at Deep Creek Lake. The system preserves your waterfront property and looks just like natural stone. Rosetta offers a beautiful alternative to traditional Rip Rap and "stack stone", and it makes maintenance easy. The Lake Drawdown allows for rapid installation from shore with the appropriate machinery. Rosetta also offers Engineering and Agency approval assistance, if needed.

The word "transformation" is appropriate for describing the profound change that occurs after installing a Rosetta retaining wall along the lakefront. Its beauty will leave you speechless, preserve the natural appearance of your shoreline, and enhance your property value. Design options are limitless. With the Rosetta Outcropping Collection, anything is possible.