Rugged Elegance

Ledgestone is Unilock’s universal coping system that is turning heads with its remarkably natural appearance. Featuring pitched edges to work interchangeably with any wall, the design selections are optimized.


Borders & Accents
Seat Walls


Reala™ Surface Technology
Ultra-realistic textures cast from actual natural stone, brick and cobblestones

Surface Texture

Important Information

The sophisticated yet rugged elegance is the look you can achieve with Ledgestone, Unilock's universal coping system. The pitched edges make for a remarkably natural appearance and makes it a perfect coping for all Unilock garden walls. Available inseveral subtle colors that will complement your project.

Handling and Installation – Care must be taken to avoid tossing stones so that they bang against each other. Damage to thesurface appearance can happen if handled too rough.

Adhesives – Unilock Concrete Adhesive, Techniseal Concrete Adhesive, Surebond SB-10.

Joint compounds – Any quality exterior latex joint caulking.

Cleaners – We recommend Techniseal Hardscape Cleaner. However any paver cleaner may be used for general cleaning. Follow manufacturer’s dilution rates and application procedures.


  • Product may be sealed but it is not absolutely required.
  • Unilock Unicare®, Surebond, BP Pro and Techniseal® sealers can be used.
  • Select type for desired aesthetics
  • Product must be cleaned before sealing.

Special note – Shimming may be required to match heights between units.