Create eye-catching designs by combining VERSA-LOK Standard, Cobble and Accent units to form the random-patterned Mosaic Retaining Wall System. Attractive and durable, the Mosaic system uses a four-unit panel (10" x 24")—consisting of one Standard, one Cobble and two Accent units—giving each wall an interesting and visually arresting look and feel. Although they can create seemingly complex patterns, the simple four-unit Mosaic panels are just as easy to install as our Standard, Cobble or Accent Retaining Wall Systems.

Width (face):24" (609.4mm)
Height:10" (254mm)
Depth:12" (304.8mm)
Face Area:1.6 ft2
Weight:200 lbs
Weight / Face Area:125lbs/ft2
Setback:1.5" per panel
Batter/Cant:8.5 degrees
# Versa-Tuff Snap-off Pins:8 per unit
Max Unreinforced Height:4 ft*
Max Geogrid Reinforced

The maximum stable, unreinforced VERSA-LOK wall height in best conditions, may be lower depending on soil, site and loading conditions (including terraces). Taller walls need geogrid soil reinforcement, designed by a qualified engineer. Check your local building code requirements. Please contact your supplier or VERSA-LOK representative for assistance.