Square Foot Block is a premium cored unit that covers a full square foot of wall face economically, making it a low-cost alternative for some commercial applications. Its trapezoidal shape and top-pinning system allow for variable bond construction, accurate alignment, tighter vertical joints and easy installation. Square Foot's unique design enables a near-vertical setback, and its thick face affords greater durability than other cored systems.

Width (face):18" (457.2mm)
Width (rear):14" (355.6mm)
Height:8" (203.2mm)
Depth:12" (304.8mm)
Face Area:1 ft2 (0.093m2)
Weight:87 lbs (39.46kg)
Weight (with aggregate fill):115lbs (58.965kg)
Weight / Face Area:87lbs/ft2 (424kg/m2)
Setback:1" or 1/4" per unit
Batter/Cant:7.1 or 1.8 degrees
# Versa-Tuff Pins:2 per unit
Minimum Radius:4.5ft
Max Unreinforced Height:3.5 ft*
Max Geogrid Reinforced Height:50+ ft

The maximum stable, unreinforced VERSA-LOK wall height in best conditions, may be lower depending on soil, site and loading conditions (including terraces). Taller walls need geogrid soil reinforcement, designed by a qualified engineer. Check your local building code requirements. Please contact your supplier or VERSA-LOK representative for assistance.