Mulch is one of the most important and beneficial additions to your landscaping and gardens. Using organic mulch not only beautifies and unifies your beds, but can also improve the quality of your soil, protect plants, prevent weeds and reduce the need for water.

Our Mulch Products Include:

  • Double and Triple Shred Natural Mulches
  • Double Shred Dyed Mulch in Red, Brown and Black
  • Triple Shred Dyed Mulch in Black and Cherry Brown
  • Certified Playground Mulch
  • Anderson Fertilizer
  • Penn State Seed Mix
  • Shade Seed Mix
Mulch products in Pittsburgh.

When using inorganic mulch fertilize so your plants and trees get the nutrients they need.

Important! Mulch is a hot product. Make sure to water all of your plants before and during installation to prevent any damage to them.

Estimating amounts for mulch:

Multiply the width of the area in feet, by the length of the area in feet to get the square footage. Multiply the square footage by the number of inches deep you would like the mulch, Divide that total by 315 to get the APPROXIMATE total of cubic yards needed. If you are doing several areas, do each one separately, then add your total of cubic yards together to get the total needed for the job.

10 of the mulches available at Dragun's with different textures and colors.

We offer special pricing on large deliveries!

Mulch Products are sold by the cubic yard for pickup or delivery with a three yard minimum for local delivery. Bulk discount pricing is available on tri-axle quantities. See a sales associate or call for pricing. A tri-axle is approximately 45 yards of mulch.